Carey Conaway has an innate talent with color, shape, and rhythm. It has been said that her color and spatial sense create art that speaks and moves magically and poetically.

Color, light, and space have been key influences in Carey Conaway’s work. Her art provides an investigation of color relationships and illusions specific to shape, space, and form.

Carey Conaway’s color combinations are innovative and bold. Her designs are both simple and complex. The
colors interplay with each other within the geometric shapes she uses. At times this interaction offers a potential conflict between the colors, but by leaving this conflict unresolved, her work allows for us to transcend the seeming limitations. The result is a semblance of order and unity between colors and shapes, and thus within ourselves.

Carey Conaway creates her abstract artwork using a variety of mediums, including oil paint, colored pencil, ribbon, and silk screened paper. She has studied color at Parsons School of Design and at the Woodstock School of Art. Her work is influenced by Josef Albers, Hans Hoffman, Paul Klee, and Frank Stella.

After a near fatal car accident in 1996, Carey Conaway shifted her energy to focus on her artwork with color. She subsequently left a business career to solely pursue her art.

Carey Conaway lives in upstate New York. Her artwork has been included in regional and national exhibitions.

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